Laser Dentistry

No needles and no drills - sounds too good to be true.

Well it is true.  Laser dentistry is fast becoming one of the most popular treatment options for patients because in many cases it can eliminate the need for numbing injections and drilling.

Laser technology is now well established in dental care and has benefits that include the specific targeting of decay and preservation of healthy tooth.

Laser generally reduces treatment time and minimises the discomfort you would normally feel both during and after the treatment.

At Anzac Avenue Dental, we have an Opus Duo Laser which can be used for both hard and soft tissue structure, assisting with both general and cosmetic dental procedures.

It is also a fantastic option for children.

All our dentists and clinical team are trained in the safety aspects of laser use and our surgery is designed to meet radiation standards.

Dr Andrew Gerber was contracted by one of Australia's largest dental supply companies to teach other dentists how to use Opus Lasers.